Customer Reviews

Some of the many reviews we have been given:

Dave Foster

I had been considering a website for some time and on many occasions have backed out.My concerns were of how complicated it may be to set up. I wish I had tried sooner. It was very straightforward and the support given by Mark has been second to none. Even if I asked something that was covered in the training videos he still guided me in the right direction. I am still developing my website but happy in the thought that I will be given help to get where I want. I have no hesitation in recommending 'drivingschoolwebsites' to any Driving Instructor who has the same concerns as I had. It has been such a rewarding feeling when you view your site on the screen. Many thanks, Dave Foster


At my age switching on a PC is a problem, but mark was a great help. his service is second to none. The site is bringing in loads of work all thanks to mark.
Thanks again
Ray, Albany Driving School

Frederick Connolly

Found mark to be very helpful whenever I had any problems.I especially like the fact that I can change the website content whenever I like and not have to wait for someone else to do it.Great Value.

Simon Turnbull

Excellent product at a very reasonable price.
The website is easily built once the techniques are understood.
Any issues were IMMEDIATLEY & THOROUGHLY dealt with by Mark via email support tickets.
Would certainly reccommend.

Bina Ramchandani

Great communication, very easy to get a website up and running, a pleasure.

David Pepperdine.

As a complete novice to the workings of a computer I found building my website both challenging but very educational and now know a lot more about such things. To anyone wanting a site that has no previous experience ,I would thoroughly recommend it, and for anybody with some knowledge it would be a doddle .Quick service when answering my many questions , Very good value too. Go for it.


The website template is perfect for ADIs who, like me, have no previous experience in developing website content. It is so easy to use and provided at a very competitive price (especially given that the cost of the website domain was included). I can't believe that the majority of my site was fully developed within a couple of days and have been thoroughly impressed with the post sales support, responding very promptly to some minor queries.

Sandra Jowsey

Great Website really easy to use Mark was extremely helpfull any one who has not got a Driving School Website should try it it is the best around. Great Value for Money in these hard times.

Pardip Virdee

I held off getting a website for a long time until I came across Mark and his websites. They are fantastic value for money and the software to edit your own website is easy to use.