Customer Reviews

Some of the many reviews we have been given:

robert fowler

like what i recived from the site easy to set up and service and value for money is one of the best if not the best site to get involed with

Andy Newman

A good product at a good price. The site was easy to set up and get running. When I had queries they were answered promptly. I would be happy to recommend drivingschoolwebsites to other people. Andy Newman

bryan greenall

Great product and value for money.
I know Mark would be there at a moments notice to answer any questions.
The ability to tinker with your website really appeals to me and full flexibility is in this product.

Mark Greenhalgh

I would like to say, having the ready made website was very useful, all I needed to do was add my own text on each section. After watching the tutorial and contacting admin, with marks help I got my site up and running very quickly.
I certainly could not have achieved this on my own and probably would have ended up spending a fortune asking for someone to design it for me.
Thanks again Mark.

Maggie Geary

I would recommend the Driving School Website. It offers excellent value for money. The service is excellent. If you have any queries they are very quick to respond and very helpful. I had to experience doing this sort of thing on the computer but found it reasonably easy to do.

Keith Hailes

A complete website service at an affordable price. Email support always there. A pleasure to work with.

colin futers

easy to set up, value for money

Michael Mavromatis

I would highly recommend driving school websites, I found it easy to use and great value for money!

Alan White – Roundabouts Drving School

A very positive experience from start to finish with great service and attention to detail shown at all times.
Fantastic value for money - It will be a pleasure to recommend Driving School Websites.