Without a Website for your Driving School You Are Missing Out on New Pupils

Don’t be One of those Driving Instructors that are Left Behind. Be Up and Running with your Own Website, with Professional Templates, for your Driving School in Minutes for £6.66 p.m.!

Having websites for driving schools is an absolute must these days. It is now a very competitive market place for driving instructors – get started easily with these driving school templates

If a potential pupil looks at two driving schools, one has a website that provides them with the information they are looking for and the other doesn’t, who do you think they are likely to call?

It also makes it easier for them to communicate with your school via email – the easier we can make it for them, the greater chance they will make contact with you.

Easy & Quick Setup

Watch the Quick Start Video

We have made it very easy to have your own great looking driving school website that you can update yourself at any time – no special skills are required with our very easy Content Management System (CMS).

If you can type an email or a text document you are more than qualified to update your school website whenever you want.

The process is simple. Choose a domain name, we will upload and set-up everything then simply log-in to your CMS control panel and input your content. Whenever you hit the ‘Update’ button, our driving school websites will display the content you have just entered.

You are not limited to the number of webpages you can build with this system and we have already completed the Pass Plus and Show Me Tell Me pages so that it saves you time, but also providing good content for your visitors. An email contact page with a web enquiry form has also been pre-built so you do not miss out on those very important enquiries.

Apart from the usual static webpages (Lessons & Prices, Pass Plus etc.), there is also a blog type input for quick posts such as your latest driving school news (a pupil has passed their test) or a testimonial from a pupil. This makes is so much easier to update your school website regularly which is also great news for the search engines – they love updated websites.

Already own your own domain name? No problem, we can use that for you. You just need to change the nameservers with your domain registrar (who you bought the domain name from). It’s a simple process but we can help you with that if needed.

Driving School Websites - Order

Whats Included by Driving School Websites

Content Management System (CMS)

  • Allows you to add/delete/edit any of your webpages or ‘quick posts’ (like a testimonial for example) 24/7.
    • Having testimonials on driving school websites is not only a proven method of getting more business but also good for more search engine traffic also. You will be adding new and fresh content to your website. This means more words, and more than likely very good keywords that will be relevant to the driver training industry, that the search engines can gobble up and index. They will then have more opportunities to show your web pages in their search results pages.
  • Pre-built Pass Plus, Show Me / Tell Me & Contact webpages to get you off to a fast start.
  • Links page already set-up. Just add your external links of choice (DSA etc.) and they will appear on your links page, formatted beautifully.
  • Have password controlled webpages if you wish – special content for your pupils eyes only? That will make them feel special!
  • Easily alter what webpages and in which order they are displayed in the navigation menu bar – simply drag and drop to re-order.
  • Navigation menu bar not long enough for all your pages? No problem, again with drag and drop ease, make some pages ‘child’ pages of another (‘parent’). See the ‘Pass Plus’ webpage on our demo websites – it’s a ‘child’ of ‘Lessons & Prices’.
  • Built in spell checker – makes a good first impression for your potential pupils.
  • Easily add extra content (special offers, your latest news/testimonials etc.) into the sidebars (or above/below your content) – just drag over a widget of your choice. If you don’t like it, just drag the widgets back – no harm done!
  • Want to add a YouTube video? Simple, just type some simple text (basically the URL of the video’s webpage) and it’s done – no complicated code knowledge required to embed the video on these websites.
  • No designers fee’s to pay.
  • Keep your website up to date.
  • Easy to upload your images and also display them as a Gallery if you wish. We have already uploaded some driving related graphics to get you going quickly.
  • Web based so you can update your website from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • All you need to do is to type in the content or copy the content from Microsoft Word or other word processing/text editing programme and paste. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.
  • Auto-save and saved revisions features so you shouldn’t lose any work.
  • Our Mobile websites for your driving school – Addon available at a very low price for our customers either in the checkout process or available from your clients area.

This website has been built with the exact same system!

Professional & Modern Templates

  • Over 50 pre built, modern and professional templates for you to use.
  • Not limited to a set amount of webpages*.
  • You can change the websites template at any time without affecting the content you have already written or your position in the search engines.
  • If you want a different font, header, animation, colour, literally anything on the websites template, let us know and we shall do that for you (Free in the first month. Graphics to be supplied where appropriate).
  • Easy to add Meta Tags on each page for good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, we have easy training videos for that (and everything else!).
  • Check out the ‘stock’ driving school websites templates.


  • An email address of info@theWebsitesDomainNameYouChose.co.uk will have already been setup for you.
  • You will have access to your own online email client but you could also use an existing email provider (e.g. Gmail) to collect these emails for you or an email client that you use already e.g. Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
  • Want a different email address? No problem, just ask – you can have up to 5 mail addresses.

Training Videos

  • These cover literally everything you need to know in very small videos – no long 20 minute video to trawl through to find the information you want. Not sure how to do something? Watch the short video on that item, gain the knowledge and implement – it’s that easy.
  • If we have missed anything or something is not clear, let us know, we will add another video.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • All the templates are SEO friendly.
  • Can add individual meta tags to each of your websites pages.
  • After each page/post is submitted, a ping is automatically sent to RSS aggregators to spread the word of that page around the internet (and gain valuable backlinks). Not sure what that is? Don’t worry, it’s all good for these websites and is automatic.
  • A Sitemap is automatically created/updated whenever a new page/post is added or altered. This is then submitted to the major search engines. Again, you don’t necessarily need to know any more about that except that it is very good for you and all done on auto-pilot for you.
  • Add ‘Social Network Bookmarks’ links inserted on each page – or not! Simple click of a button. Makes it easy for your visitors and pupils to ‘bookmark’ your website with websites like Facebook, Google, Delicious etc. Great for obtaining more quality backlinks from reputable sources. See the bottom of this web page.

Don’t worry if you do not understand this. We have a full package of training videos for you to see just how to optimise your website for the search engines. These are free for your use. The first thing to do is to get your content onto your webpages and look at this later.


  • You can get going for the cost of one monthly payment – far less than the income from one driving lesson.
  • There is no contract, you can cancel at any time.
  • Quarterly or annual payments make our websites even cheaper.
  • No Price Rises Once Purchased


  • How is your school website performing? Easily insert the ‘code’ received from free analytics/statistics providers (statcounter.com, analytics.google.com) into your CMS so that you can track:
    • Number of page hits.
    • Popular pages.
    • Keywords used to find your school website in the search engines.
    • Loads more information provided by Statcounter and Google – use as much or as little as you want.

Peace of Mind

There is no longer an excuse for not having your own driving school website – we have covered all the bases for you to make it the simplest process possible.

Driving School Websites - Order

* Each of our websites has been allocated disk space of 400mb – this helps manage our servers. This is a substantial space for web pages. If that is not enough, just talk to us.
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- No contract
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