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Some of the many reviews we have been given:

Judy Lawton

Having never set up a website before, I did have a look on the internet to see what was available and the cost. Believe me, you need not look any further than these guys. It really is good value for money, very easy to use and there are training videos to help you with your quest along with absolutely brilliant, first class service by email from Mark. When you have sent an email, the response comes back very very quickly, there isn't days of waiting - they really are quick and can sort out any problems you have with regards to the setting up of your website. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone wishing to set up a driving school website.

Keith Hailes

A complete website service at an affordable price. Email support always there. A pleasure to work with.

Simon Turnbull

Excellent product at a very reasonable price.
The website is easily built once the techniques are understood.
Any issues were IMMEDIATLEY & THOROUGHLY dealt with by Mark via email support tickets.
Would certainly reccommend.


The website template is perfect for ADIs who, like me, have no previous experience in developing website content. It is so easy to use and provided at a very competitive price (especially given that the cost of the website domain was included). I can't believe that the majority of my site was fully developed within a couple of days and have been thoroughly impressed with the post sales support, responding very promptly to some minor queries.

Barry Potter

The Driving schools website has made things very easy for me to set up my website, and great value for money. Everything works (needed a little help but then that was fast and very helpful). Having parts already filled in means less work for me. Very Happy.

Phil Motum

This is the first Web site that I have set up and found it very straight forward. Any problems were sorted out with a quick e-mail and a timely response. Great value for money.

Peter Chilvers.

The service was excellent and even for a computer novice like me the product was easy to use and I have found it to be very good value for money.

lee Hewis

what a great product, no excuse for not having website when a product as good as this one is available. you can even pay monthly for the price of less than half a lesson. combine this with the great service you receive it must be a winner.

Colin Daubney

Hi Mark.

Thanks for your help with the web site. The emails are pushed through to my phone now which is great.
The process of building the site did take a bit of trial and error but not impossible. With any changes needed the email help did work and with in the time stated or much quicker.
Google did find the site quite quickly and I am now trying to get on more first page for more searches.
I did look at other web hosts and found yours to be fairly priced and able to do a lot more than most other host.



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