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Jane Hope

WOW! Excellent product!! Can't recommend highly enough! As a complete idiot when it comes to computers I didn't think I would be able to do this - was I ever wrong! Mark has made this completely idiot proof - even I had fun doing it - so much so that I've had another website for my other business! Don't think twice about this - just get on and do it. We've had 17 new pupils from our website so far and its only been up and running for approx 4 months! One new pupil will pay for the website for 12 months! Jane Hope - Finale School of Motoring - Solihull.

simon randles

Easy and good way of getting on the web. good looking site and seems to be working; have had a couple of enquiries already, thanks Mark.

David Pepperdine.

As a complete novice to the workings of a computer I found building my website both challenging but very educational and now know a lot more about such things. To anyone wanting a site that has no previous experience ,I would thoroughly recommend it, and for anybody with some knowledge it would be a doddle .Quick service when answering my many questions , Very good value too. Go for it.

Barry Potter

The Driving schools website has made things very easy for me to set up my website, and great value for money. Everything works (needed a little help but then that was fast and very helpful). Having parts already filled in means less work for me. Very Happy.

David Beahan

The software is easy to use – I have just set-up the first version of my website. I made the first draft of my website in Word which took a couple of hours. I copied and pasted that into the website pages. It took about an hour to add some images and make the text look more attractive. So it took me about three or four hours to set-up my website using this software, which can be improved whenever I get the odd ten minutes in the future. I have also tested the e-mail delivery from the contacts page, which worked fine.

saleem akhtar

best value for money

Ian crosbie

Now into my second year with my desktop website with Driving School Websites and have now decided to broad ing my Internet options by purchasing a mobile site as this is the way forward as most pupils now have smartphones.
Everything was very simple to set-up etc , cost was also a big factor when looking for a mobile site , also like the system when clients are looking for driving schools on their smartphone , they are directed automatiically to mobile site.
Have not found a better or easier site to set-up so I am very happy with Driving School Websites and would recommend them

colin futers

easy to set up, value for money

robert fowler

like what i recived from the site easy to set up and service and value for money is one of the best if not the best site to get involed with

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