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Some of the many reviews we have been given:

Robert Palmer

Does what it says on the tin, paid for itself within 24 hours of going online, very user friendly. I needed an answer, got it immediately. Recommended.

George Flathers

As i'm not very good with computers, I found your training video very helpful, and building my own website was much easier. I'm very happy with the service you provide its money well spent.

David Beahan

The software is easy to use – I have just set-up the first version of my website. I made the first draft of my website in Word which took a couple of hours. I copied and pasted that into the website pages. It took about an hour to add some images and make the text look more attractive. So it took me about three or four hours to set-up my website using this software, which can be improved whenever I get the odd ten minutes in the future. I have also tested the e-mail delivery from the contacts page, which worked fine.

Richard Porter

I have just ordered my new website from yourselfs after a lot of debating because i am not that good with computer.I was amazed how easy it was and will recommend to other driving instructors

Peter Clark

Thanks mark, website really easy to set up,no real problems when i needed advice you replied very quickly, even on a sunday.

Andy Brooks

I'm not a computer whiz, by any mean’s! But found "Driving Schools Website to very easy to use and if I had a Problem, they answered me very quickly with an answer to any problems I may of had. Thanks Mark

Dave Shepherd

Once i had decided to have my own website, i found, had the best to offer.Upon speaking to mark via email and on the phone with some start up questions, then i purchased my site.Once purchased, i found a few thing difficult to do, but after emailing Mark on a sunday night, i got a quick reply(within20mins0, with the answers i needed there and it's easy to navigate round my website.Excellent service, great value for money and excellent back up service

robert fowler

like what i recived from the site easy to set up and service and value for money is one of the best if not the best site to get involed with

Jim Duffey

I have no computer knowledge at all, but this package is very straight forward, if you have any problems, support is only an email away. Would recommend this website as very good value for money!!

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