Customer Reviews

Some of the many reviews we have been given:

Georgina Hadji Argyris

Building a website with 'driving school websites' was the best advertising I could have done. Mark was quick in getting my website up and running and has managed to get me onto the first google page. My website was easy to build and has got the results I wanted fast. Thanks to all involved. Would have no hesitation in recommending you to fellow instructors.

Jenny Ward

I found this website very easy to set up and great value for money, especially as I have just started up on my own and every penny counts.
I will definitely recommend this to my friends and colleagues. Jenny Ward

Dave Freeman

After two other attempts at building a website myself, this model is versatile and easy to use. Email support is prompt, and well explained

Richard Daubney

Having had no experience of building a website I was a little concerned about what the process would involve and I did come across a couple of problems. Having had time to reflect upon the process of building my website I feel that it was only my lack of understanding rather than my ability to build the website that stood in my way. I was easily able to contact Mark and he explained things in a way which helped me to build my website the way I wanted it. No matter how many times I contacted Mark he always returned my messages promptly and in a patient and understanding manner. I feel that my website represents good value for money - particularly when you consider that I can alter/change the content on my web pages at anytime. If you are considering a website for your driving school business then contact Driving School Websites.

David Lane

I found the website fairly easy to set up. Mark is very helpful & responds very quickly. I think its good value for money.

David Odell

The service was impeccable. Every question I asked was answered very quickly, nothing was too trivial. The support throughout the process was excellent. I am very happy with the product. Very, very good value for money.

James Sutton

I'm not a natural to websites but after initial scares and a few deep breaths I just got on with it and found it easier and easier, and even had a bit of fun too so thanks for the site js adi

Wai Yu

Just what I was looking for. The easiest way to produce a professional looking website. Easy to use and more importantly - easy to edit and update. Any queries I had were answered quickly.

Malcolm Gibson

Hi Mark,
Thanks for all the help and support that you gave me while I was building the web site. Probably one of the best investments for me as I am just starting up. Only this morning I have had an enquiry for an intensive course so paid for itself already.

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