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Some of the many reviews we have been given:

Keith Owen

No problem setting up mobile website, simply copy and paste information from main website as required.

Richard Porter

I have just ordered my new website from yourselfs after a lot of debating because i am not that good with computer.I was amazed how easy it was and will recommend to other driving instructors

Patrick Hamill

So impressed with the tools available to tailor my website. The ease in which I can add updates. Its so simple to manage and the price is lose change to what the website provides. Very impressed and the support has been first class. Highly recommended.

Alan White – Roundabouts Drving School

A very positive experience from start to finish with great service and attention to detail shown at all times.
Fantastic value for money - It will be a pleasure to recommend Driving School Websites.

Alan Baker

Great service and the product is very easy to tailor to one's specific requirements. Also back-up support was lightning-quick when I needed it. The additional video support is an invaluable and a resource I'm often dipping back into for useful tips. I'm still learning the art of getting my site optimised but the information is readily available to help me understand its intricacies. Very impressed with the value for money too.

Geoff Hutchins

Hi. I have tried several self build websites in the past, all said it was simple to do. Yeah right if you have a degree in computor programming. I have given up after only a few minutes. You could get to speak to them before they took your money, but after if you needed to get help and advise all you get long queues on automated telephone calls all usually at a premium rate and you end up none the wiser and still have the problem. With Driving School Websites, it is completely different. It really is very simple, and best of all if you do need help, a simple email to them gets the problem sorted out Lots of help and advice. Thanks for my website. Geoff Hutchins from Learn Right School of Motoring.

Istvan Bojtar

Yes I would recommend it to friends. Good value for money, easy to use and and I always got good service and support.

John Macgillivray

I found the process of building the site really easy, even for a dummy like me. If you do need advice then the video's are really helpful and easy to follow. what I like about this website is I can change it as often as I like and it'a instant no waiting days for it to be live, just a click of the mouse. Brilliant.

John's Driving School

Beccy Williams

My new website was easy to add content and customise. The amount of new business that it’s already generated has paid for itself within the first month. Mark went the extra mile to help with my queries - I wasn’t expecting an answer quite so quickly to my late night and weekend emails! I’ll be sticking with these guys for a while, and would definitely recommend. Beccy Williams ADI

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