Customer Reviews

Some of the many reviews we have been given:

Malcolm Gibson

Hi Mark,
Thanks for all the help and support that you gave me while I was building the web site. Probably one of the best investments for me as I am just starting up. Only this morning I have had an enquiry for an intensive course so paid for itself already.

Wai Yu

Just what I was looking for. The easiest way to produce a professional looking website. Easy to use and more importantly - easy to edit and update. Any queries I had were answered quickly.

John Macgillivray

This website is Idiot proof, must be I managed to work it, really easy to understand cant go wrong the videos are there to help you. Will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Thiyagarajah T

Top seller top customer service.

Alan White

Really pleased that I went for DSW. User friendly, effective and great value for money. Customer Service has been excellent with immediate response to any of my requests for help and assistance.

Nick Muller

I found the process of setting up the website straight forward. I only had two queries that I needed help on. Both were sent via the online support and both answered the same day. This was the first time working with websites etc and it's been a good experience. Would recommend this site for ADI's trying to start up. Thanks

Paul Meddelton

I was a complete novice with websites and all that getting and building one entailed. Mark at Driving School Directory was extremely helpful and knowledgeable though, and I was able to get my website up and running in no time. It is also very good value for money. Paul -

Richard Porter

I have just ordered my new website from yourselfs after a lot of debating because i am not that good with computer.I was amazed how easy it was and will recommend to other driving instructors

John Macgillivray

I found the process of building the site really easy, even for a dummy like me. If you do need advice then the video's are really helpful and easy to follow. what I like about this website is I can change it as often as I like and it'a instant no waiting days for it to be live, just a click of the mouse. Brilliant.

John's Driving School