Customer Reviews

Some of the many reviews we have been given:

Georgina Hadji Argyris

This is by far the best way of advertising your driving school. Website was so easy to set up and didn't take very long at all. It was live after only a couple of hours and business started coming in from day one.

Clive Stone

Very efficient way of setting up your own driving school website. Took less than a week, and Mark was there to help out when mistakes did happen.

Great value for money.


At my age switching on a PC is a problem, but mark was a great help. his service is second to none. The site is bringing in loads of work all thanks to mark.
Thanks again
Ray, Albany Driving School

Michael Mavromatis

I would highly recommend driving school websites, I found it easy to use and great value for money!

Steve Taylor

Many thanks to Mark for the opportunity to have my own website at such a reasonable cost- it was so easy to set up, although my daughter did help me as she is from the 'computer generation'. We took the photo's before we started so everything was to hand. The training videos were so helpful and you can always e-mail Mark for help if you really get stuck. Brilliant.

John Partridge

I am a driving instructor and use Driving School Websites for my website and to promote my business. They are fantastic and easy to use. I would recommend this to any new or existing driving instructor. John Partridge

Barbara Muir

Having never done anything like this before I found the service excellent and the whole process very straight forward. Thank you.