Customer Reviews

Some of the many reviews we have been given:

John Macgillivray

I found the process of building the site really easy, even for a dummy like me. If you do need advice then the video's are really helpful and easy to follow. what I like about this website is I can change it as often as I like and it'a instant no waiting days for it to be live, just a click of the mouse. Brilliant.

John's Driving School

Zubair Esmail

Although initially sceptical, I found the pre-formatted templates very useful as a starting ground. Adding content became easier the more I tinkered around. The support was very prompt and resolved any issues I had. I would highly recommend DSW without hesitation as I feel they offer all the services a driving school would need. Excellent service and support, superb value for money, flexibility to create individual websites. Just open your imagination to create your own website with very little experience needed. Go for it - you'll have no regrets!

Colin Daubney

Hi Mark.

Thanks for your help with the web site. The emails are pushed through to my phone now which is great.
The process of building the site did take a bit of trial and error but not impossible. With any changes needed the email help did work and with in the time stated or much quicker.
Google did find the site quite quickly and I am now trying to get on more first page for more searches.
I did look at other web hosts and found yours to be fairly priced and able to do a lot more than most other host.



Dave Foster

I had been considering a website for some time and on many occasions have backed out.My concerns were of how complicated it may be to set up. I wish I had tried sooner. It was very straightforward and the support given by Mark has been second to none. Even if I asked something that was covered in the training videos he still guided me in the right direction. I am still developing my website but happy in the thought that I will be given help to get where I want. I have no hesitation in recommending 'drivingschoolwebsites' to any Driving Instructor who has the same concerns as I had. It has been such a rewarding feeling when you view your site on the screen. Many thanks, Dave Foster

Tony Webb

Great value for money and excellent service. My website paid for it self in two weeks as it acheived page one on Google for my chosen key words, highly recommended to all.

Alan White

Really pleased that I went for DSW. User friendly, effective and great value for money. Customer Service has been excellent with immediate response to any of my requests for help and assistance.

Andy Brooks

I'm not a computer whiz, by any mean’s! But found "Driving Schools Website to very easy to use and if I had a Problem, they answered me very quickly with an answer to any problems I may of had. Thanks Mark

Frederick Connolly

Found mark to be very helpful whenever I had any problems.I especially like the fact that I can change the website content whenever I like and not have to wait for someone else to do it.Great Value.